After Sales Service

(Toby Taylor) #1

Hi there!

I’m Toby, a Business Development Manager at MoovMe (Tenant portal). The 2018 LPMNZ conference was my first and I really enjoyed meeting a whole lot of you there!

We want to know what is it that you need or what would make it easier to offer a great post sale service?


(Ashley Giles) #2

Hey Toby,

Welcome to the forums. I have been doing a lot of this at the moment, and some of the research I have been doing has lead me to the term “Customer Success”. This is an entire part of a team that exists to support customers through their ‘After Sales Journey’.

In Property Management, there are a lot of ways to do this… Keen to hear of how everyone is implementing this in their own business. One of the most successful ways I have seen is that a business puts the management with a specialist for the first 12 months, and then move them to a general portfolio after this period.

Love to know how people are doing this, retention, induction, success for new management in their business. @jodie.stainton ?



(Jodie Stainton) #3

So sorry @ashley.giles I didn’t see this. I don’t think we have this right yet, but the Coronis Client Care Plan handover goes a long way to make sure this happens better than it does now. I have thought about an onboarding team and I’m drafting a set of on-boarding emails to go out through autopilot for all new clients to make their life easier. Will share them when done.

(Glenn Lehman) #4

Things that make me say … what is that? Thank you Google.

Here is what I found … one real estate firm and a lot of medical advice. Point being that to succeed when it really matters, like when you leave the hospital, it takes a plan. So as a PM why don’t I have a success plan to provide best treatment for my new customer.


(Jodie Stainton) #5

Hey @glenn - think of it like a Client Needs Analysis - like what they do before they give you financial advice. We ask questions like, would you like to purchase another investment in the next 12 months? What does ideal PM look like? When and how would you like to be communicated to? Are there any improvements you’d liked to undertake and what/when. What maintenance would you like etc.
Your’s might be covered in your management agreements but our’s are pretty thin on what we actually do for the client. If you search Client Needs Analysis, an example should come up.