After Sales Service

(Toby Taylor) #1

Hi there!

I’m Toby, a Business Development Manager at MoovMe (Tenant portal). The 2018 LPMNZ conference was my first and I really enjoyed meeting a whole lot of you there!

We want to know what is it that you need or what would make it easier to offer a great post sale service?


(Ashley Giles) #2

Hey Toby,

Welcome to the forums. I have been doing a lot of this at the moment, and some of the research I have been doing has lead me to the term “Customer Success”. This is an entire part of a team that exists to support customers through their ‘After Sales Journey’.

In Property Management, there are a lot of ways to do this… Keen to hear of how everyone is implementing this in their own business. One of the most successful ways I have seen is that a business puts the management with a specialist for the first 12 months, and then move them to a general portfolio after this period.

Love to know how people are doing this, retention, induction, success for new management in their business. @jodie.stainton ?