Alerts to staff for office document changes

Hi all,

Am hoping you will be able to offer a solution for me. Currently my office “guide” - think policies, processes, procedures etc are in a word doc. which is edited as require by management.

In an ideal world, when this document is updated it would alert my (specified) team as to the Document and the update made. We are currently using Sharepoint and it seems I can create an alert for myself however am seeking a mass group alert notification (including the amendment/change)

Any suggestions welcomed!

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HI Cherie - have you considered building out your Procedures manual (policies / procedures etc) into a trello board - this was you only need to update specific points in specific cards (and then the rest of sections stays) the same. This was you can then notify each person that is relevant to that task in trello (assign) and then they can see that the specific point has been updated - especially if you implement version control on all of your policies, procedures, forms, checklists etc - just a thought - this way you can add links, videos, images, into the specific section - your team will be thankful to you for the investment in running your “How To’s” this way instead of a word doc / booklet etc which very few people read. Use of video for your training & screen share videos will reduce your training time and create consistency - hope this helps - happy to chat further if you would like to see one in action - Cheers Michael


Hey Michael - hadn’t thought to use Trello for this, great suggestion - really appreciate it.
We don’t currently use Trello as a full in-office tool however may need to look into doing so. Agree its hard getting everyone to read a large multi-page document!


Our Policy and Procedures are all Trello cards - it makes is much easier and transparent

Thanks Louise, definitely looks like Trello is a common theme!