Annual Leave cover

A property manager’s work is never done - and when we have a short week following a public holiday, there are still 5 day’s work to fit into the 4 days left of the week!
So when a property manager is taking a holiday break of 1-2 weeks, how do we successfully cover their workload and enable them to step back in without needing another holiday to recover from the backlog? Not to mention making sure nothing drops off the list for our clients…
We have been having some discussions in-house around ways we can improve, given that those stepping in to cover also have their own workload to keep rolling along. We do have a bit of flexibility as we run a little heavy on staffing and have a part-time team member who can boost hours when we’re in need. We would be interested to hear how others manage this?

I think you are right, you need to have those casual members that would like to step up and do some more work and hours but not all of the time. Reducing inspections during that period can help as well as having some non contact time (no interruptions) before they go on holidays to make sure all issues and tasks are either completed or detailed notes are left on them. Having an ideal week for the member filling in can work as well - but don’t make it too strict :slight_smile:


I have found that having the VA team on board has alleviated some of the stress of having staff on leave. We also have tried wherever possible to have Sales Admin staff be multiskilled in Property Management and vice versa so each department can help each other out - but we are smaller offices so this is important on a daily basis as well.

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Thanks - great suggestion and looking at the VA option is on the list, this is another point in its favour…

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Hi Julie,

We have a few different options to ensure there is always backup and support.

  1. No inspections are to be scheduled during annual leave.
  2. Our department manager will “caretake” the portfolio - actioning maintenance, keeping on top of the lease expires, any arrears, communications, vacant property facilitation and communication etc.
  3. When our DM is training, unable to caretake and we have the capacity, our senior PM Assistant will step in to do the above (she is trained in the support/admin processes by the Department Manager during a caretaking occurrence) and an auto-response email and signature noting the portfolio and emails are being monitored her PM absence.
  4. Break the portfolio into parts and have the PMs do extra work to cover. Additional remuneration/bonus is desired during this time and I recommend that this is confirmed before finalising arrangements.
    Lastly, employing a floater. A licensed PM who wants part-time, or school hours, that works with your company on a part-time permanent basis. This is ideal when the portfolios and workload are at capacity and the additional PM support is appreciated plus, the PMs don’t have to help each other and take time out of their days, but rather have the floating / part-time PM to always rely on.
    Hope this helps :slight_smile: