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Happy Monday team. I had a look through the criteria for the award submissions for REINZ, especially interested in submitting one for the property manager…I have had my eye on this for years, and I feel it will complete my property management career.

Who else is wanting this award? I know we all deserve it. Tips welcome to make your submission stand out.


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Hey @Shadi I would love to see you on the stage, I could not think of a more deserving applicant (shame I am not one of the judges! Hahaha)

Some tips for submission:

  • Focus on telling the stories (when you went above and beyond) Stories are the best way to show your values, and the hard work you do on a daily basis.

  • Stats are important to get right. Make sure you understand what constitutes “Arrears” is it from day one, or day 7,

  • Read the submission criteria carefully, and reach out here like you have if you have any questions of need clarification.

  • It is more about how you do, than what you do! Focus your limited word count on how you make people feel like they are important, how you go out of your way to get the best results for the landlords. Its not just about either or, should how you are fair to both sides of the transaction.

Good luck, this year you have a video submission for entitlement, make this count do a great video as it will be a chance to put a face to all the hard work you do. You are very personable so use this to your advange in front of the camera.

Consider to take the judges on the road with you (in your video) show them what you do, try not to be too static.


LPMA (NZ) Awards Entry Pack 2019 (1).pdf (190.1 KB)

Don’t forget to also apply for the LPMA NZ award, when you do them in conjunction you can use the same stories and examples (different judges so you don’t need to change out the content)

Hope this helps!

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Absolutely will enter the LPMA awards too… I thought once I got it, I am un-likley to get it again. I have read the criteria omg! a video!! this is so me. also can we be safe assuming this hashtag #lpma2019 ?

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You can indeed!

The Judges judge blind (until the finals when the videos come into play) so there is no bias on pervious award winners. In fact, if you win the award more than 3 times we give you a “Hall of Fame Award” which means you cant enter again becuase you have won it too much and need to give someone else a turn! We have given a few of these out, you could make that your new goal!

Good luck.

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thank you! omg! #goals!!!

I decided to enter …working on my video already. :slight_smile:

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