BDM Weekly Planner

(Ashley Giles) #1

One of our members in NZ is looking for a BDM Weekly planner template, or a BDM opportunity plan etc.Weekly_Activity_Planner.pdf (47.8 KB)

Does anyone have a template that they use which they could share?

I have sent them this one (its a very generic sales one I had on file) but am sure that in our network we have something better.

Thanks in advanec.

(Glenn Lehman) #2

Interesting in looking at that template I am struck with the concept I am not very formal in how I function as BDM. (I did not know what Weekly GP$ meant - I have neither personal goals or company goals) My personality has always taken over and covered for my lack of a system and I figured if I close more then most people without a system - then why get a system.

Sometimes I am not very clever. I know better personal energy and knowledge only gets you so far. It should be noted it does not scale.

I cannot teach @ashley.giles to be more charming then he is already. :grin: (Unless I open a charm school - which get back to a formal process)

So what is my take away as I open my :eyes: here this morning. If I think I close 60%t, because it feels like I close 60% i am likely wrong. I am more likely closing 30% and dismissing the unimportant, not really leads and not trying. (Because they find me neither charming or smart)

I know systems work better, I push them on people all the time. So how do I develop this system? Where do I learn how to be a more formal BDM that I would want to hire?

Oh that is enough self analysis for the morning … sorry @ashley.giles for using you in the charm school example maybe I should have used @adam. :roll_eyes::rofl:

(Jodie Stainton) #3

Hey Ash, I can see the example, and at the risk of sounding stupid, I’m not sure what they’re looking for, if it’s not this. I think the thing is, if you’ve mapped out your conversion rates, it’s pretty easy to see the activities that you should be doing. If you haven’t, track them for a month and then try to work it out. Then test it against what you’ve worked out and then see what it is and adjust. Some months are better than others, so then we need to add in fat for the other months. For eg, I know April is going to be terrible. We have basically two weeks of easter coming up and I already know anytime there is any event at all within our teams, our productivity drops dramatically. As an example, we had our awards two Thursdays ago. We normally do about 23-25 in a wee. We did 19 that week and the following week suffered as we only had 6 going into Friday so I called an emergency to get back up to 21 (happy with 20-25 for the week. So two weeks out is really going to screw us so I’ve prepped the team for that and upped the marketing spend during this time.

I really liked the ‘100 points to a good days work’ that the sales team at Bees Nees worked to that I took and made a BDM thing. I strongly believe that actions = results. So if they’re doing the actions, the results come. I think @rikki would have a copy. Perhaps that would help.

Mine is Number of signed listings, number of appraisals, cards sent, calls done, businesses met (2 x week). We do measure AMI which we audit weekly. Hope this helps!

(Ashley Giles) #4

Thanks Jodie,

I have passed this on, @rikki if you did have the one from Bees Knees, that would be a huge help too.