Best BDM books / learnings

(Ashley Giles) #1

Hi all,

A question from one of our member offices wishing to stay anonymous.

“We have a new BDM, what books, pod casts or learnings do you think they should subscribe to?”

Thanks you on their behalf.

(Lia Storer) #2

Hi Ashley,
I am listening to many podcasts, those from BNI, audible booklets too about growing rent property portfolios and using ideas in my marketing etc.
Subscribed podcasts on my list: BNI, Australian Property Investors, Geared for Growth, Tom Panos, Million Dollar Agent, Elevate.
Books on audible I am/have listened to: 7 steps to wealth, how to network, build a rental property empire, book yourself solid, sell of be sold, own the day, own your life.

Hope they give some ideas

(Adam Hooley) #3

Thanks for sharing @lia