Capability map = Confused PM

(Glenn Lehman) #1

So I keep seeing these capability map picture, but I am not family with them and how to use the info from them.

So where do I start to learn what they mean?
Is there book capability maps for beginners?

(Ashley Giles) #2

Hi Glen,

Welcome to the forums, and thanks for your contributions already! LPMA is foundered about several guiding principles, we had to group a-lot of these learnings and found that the easiest way was to use these 6 business Capabilities.

These are all spoken to in Ben White (@ben) books which you should have received a copy of with your members kit, however it’s also be basis of how we structure the foundry (the online Library of LPMA resources) as well as parts of the Business Breakthrough Program which you have experienced.

The good news is that your Business Breakthrough Program report will have some more information on these, however in the mean time log into the foundry here and you can explore each.

Personally, in my own business I love how we can simplify down the parts of our business which allows us to focus on “one fire at a time” Happy to chat though any of these if you would like too. We have some great people in this forum (@terrihandy @adam @jodie.stainton) who live and breath this world, they will reach out too I am sure!

Thanks again, and Happy Thanksgiving! :us:

(Glenn Lehman) #3

Thanks. I will wait for the book to show up!!

(Terri Handy) #4

HI @glenn

I definitely recommend reading “Connecting the Dots” by Ben White, when it arrives in the mail.

There will also be a quick explanation in the report you receive after completing the Breakthrough Business Programme survey. It shouldn’t be too far away.

The capability map is a snapshot of where your business currently sits against the type of business you want to run (there are four types to select from). It highlights gaps you may have in the six capabilities Ben has identified as measurement tools.

For example, if you identify with a Hypergrowth Business, after completing the survey, your map will plot where you are, against where you need to be.

The programme then provides action steps to help you “close any gaps”. It is a really cool product and helps you to drill down into what areas you need to focus on and assists you in creating a strategy for improvement.

Hope this helps. If you want to run through this a little more in detail, just call out :grinning:

(Glenn Lehman) #5

@terrihandy I go and check my mailbox every day! It strikes me as a box that I will need to read with a highlighter and notebook, rather then something to keep on my nightstand.

It is interesting for me right from the start. I tend to behave like a hypergrowth business, when I think I should be more focused at being lean at this point.

Here is to hoping the book will be helpful in finding what I want my business to really be. Then I can adjust my actions to become just that.

(Jodie Stainton) #6

Hey @glenn - really happy to do a video chat with you to go over the book. Have lived and breathed it for a really long time. Some might think we have a hypergrowth business as we’re signing 100 listings this month, but I think we’re a machine and growth comes from being a machine. We do a lot of things well but need to improve in a lot of areas too. Let me know if you want to video chat?

(Glenn Lehman) #7

@jodie.stainton Let me get and read the book - then I look forward to chatting :smile:

(Jodie Stainton) #8

Hey @glenn, how did you go with the book?

(Glenn Lehman) #9

@jodie.stainton Recieved. Started reading … on page 10 and thinking. Where has this information been all my life.

(Ashley Giles) #10

That is so cool to hear @glenn. @ben the author is in here too, along with @adam and @jodie.stainton who helped a lot with the books, the content and programs that have seemed from it.

Glad you’re enjoying everything, and thank you for being part of our community. Its a new way of thinking, but its one that I know will revolutionise our industry!

(Ben White) #11

@glenn I feel that way every time I read a book on relationships.
Would be great to discuss it when you’re ready.

(Glenn Lehman) #12

@ben @ashley.giles The book mentioned that the workbook is online. I cannot find it one the website. Do you have the direct address to download it?

(Ashley Giles) #13

Hi @glenn, all the resources are in “The Foundry” our online library. Log in with your LPMA log in, (the same you used for the forums etc) you will be able to download everything you need in there. Shout out if you cannot find a particular doc or workbook.

(Glenn Lehman) #14

Shouting to @ashley.giles. I had looked in foundry … big hay stack small pin

(Terri Handy) #15

Hi @glenn So good you are reading the book. It is an excellent tool.

I believe the workbook you are looking for has actually evolved over the past few years and is now the Breakthrough Business Programme. Ben wrote the book a number of years ago with the idea that readers could use a workbook to assist with implementing the ideas, etc.

Rather than you having to painstakingly work through each category, etc in the workbook, the guys at LPMA have created the questionnaire you have already completed. The action steps provided on the Trello Board provided with your report will help you to work on the gaps in your business within the six capabilities Ben talks about in the book.

If you would like some help with this, just let me know.

(Jodie Stainton) #16

hahaha @glenn exactly how I felt when I first read it too!

(Glenn Lehman) #17

I actually did that survey … and if that is the switch I am good.

Finished the first chapter. Checking my personal feeling and adjusting. This looks like an exciting journey.