Checklist resource wanted

Hi All - Am onboarding some new PMs shortly and in the midst of creating a new handbook of our office procedures.

Would anyone have a vacating checklist/procedure they have that they would kindly share with me?

Something along the lines of, inform owner, book vacate inspection, fix sign on property etc

Keen to see other offices processes with this as its an area we are formalizing more,

Thanks in advance

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Introduction of New Employee.docx (23.1 KB)

Hi Cherie,

The attachment is correspondence I sent out to all of our clients (owners & tenants) when we put on a new PM. Feel free to use and change to suit.

I think there is a bit in the foundry as well.

Regards Russ

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Hi Cherie - If you have time - I would welcome the chance to show you some really cool procedures, checklists etc using Trello & Snagit that may be of interest instead of a book - reach out if this is something we can line up through zoom to show you - think you will be impressed and may even consider a different cloud based (Trello / Snagit) system - - hope to hear from you - Michael


Hi Michael

Sorry for my delayed response, I would really like that thank you will drop you a line