Christmas and gifts!

So I got my first Christmas present from an owner… $100 Countdown voucher. At a previous company I worked in, we had to disclose ALL gifts to management… no idea why.
I am going to buy champagne with that! I love this time of the year, its nice to get a card, or just a little something from owners, not expected but it is nice.


A lot of the big companies we deal with are not allowed to accept gifts. They have to be handed in and given to a charity. I guess they see it as potential bribes maybe. In saying that, I am not sure how an owner can bribe a PM?


Congrats @Shadi, its nice to be recognised as a Property Manager from time to time!

@kelly is right, Sales Agencies especally have to be super carefull about accepting gifts, and in our business we are careful about accepting gifts from tenants (As it could be seen as a negitive from our owners) however in saying that its not a big deal, unless you make a big deal out of it.

At Wendell’s, our trades people give lots at the end of the year. We collect this all up, and divide it equally between all the team before we break for Christmas time. The team love this, as they get a good little bootie of wine, chocolates etc.

How do you guys handle your trades people gifts? The same way?

Awesome @Shadi. It’s great to be recognized by your clients. It’s very uplifting and endorses the great work you are doing :gift:

We generally let the team keep any gifts from landlords as they hold the relationship and the owner feels they are rewarding them. It’s awesome that an owner would be so generous. We did pool the supplier/vendor gifts like @ashley.giles does and then disburse them closer to the Christmas break.

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I agree @kelly I’m sure an owner has genuine intentions when giving gifts. The supplier one I do understand as they are usually doing it as PR.

@kelly Not possible for bribes in our jobs I guess. Only bribe I have been offered has been finding a person/persons a property deal before it went to the agents for sale. I personally couldn’t do it.

@ashley.giles thank you, such a nice surprise. Gave his tenants vouchers and said while you at it, get yourself one too. Our tradespeople come in with either individual gifts, last year we had a few that just came in and put a bottle of wine on our desks, if bulk it gets shared around. So much chocolate and wine… I am starting my diet next year. haha

Its always uneasy when tenants do gifts, I had one just recently that said she would like to come and see me as has a gift for me (she was moving out) and I said how about we wait until we finilise your tenancy. She did and bought in a box of chocolate, a flower and a card to say thank you. I was comfortable taking it at the end of that relationship.

Thanks @adam :slight_smile:


We are gearing up to send out Christmas cards and gifts to our owners this year. We decided it is a good time to thank them for their business. We are also offering the service to the owners of arranging Christmas gifts for tenants on their behalf.


This is an awesome idea @zelda we used to do the same thing for our clients. I often spent the days before Christmas hand-delivering bottles of wine and Christmas hampers to tenants on behalf of owners haha🎁

:rofl: Work smarter not harder, there are some amazing websites out there where you can order (get Airpoints on your CC) and they deliver to the tenant.


We do the same… all our owners get a hand written Christmas card. Guess what I will be doing over a glass of wine this weekend… Bigger owners get gift delivered to them.

I shouldn’t really show off! but i can’t help it. Another little surprise arrived in a courier today. when owners like this one, appreciate all that you do, it is so easy, fun and rewarding giving them the best possible service. :blush:


Nothing wrong with beating your own drum @Shadi We all know just how much work is involved in creating a raving fan, someone who will take the time to write you a lovely note like this. Well done!!!