Congratulations to all participants, nominees and winners from yesterdays awards - especially Louise and your team at Jacksonwall… Property Management Company of the Year - what an incredible achievement - you guys rock!

Another great online event from LPMA, thanks for all of your support and hardwork over 2021 educating, assisting and providing the tools for us to build great businesses.

Cant wait to (hopefully) catch up with everyone and celebrate in person next year :smile:

P.S Adam if your looking for destinations for a conference we reckon Hawaii would be nice :wink:


Thanks so much Cherie - it certainly was a heads down year for us to work through the LPMA framework and the learning that came with it so valuable to running a property management business. Congratulations to your team on all your wonderful awards.

Congratulations to all involved and particularly to LPMA that support the Property Management sector of the industry so well.