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Content marketing has become one of the key drivers for growth in most industries, yet in property management, we have been reluctant to play in the digital space. A properly run YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn campaign can significantly increase both brand awareness and drive new leads into your business. Content marketing has now become an essential component of your overall marketing strategy. Some examples include YouTube landlord information videos, short Facebook snippets and LinkedIn articles. Those who are using content as a marketing tool are seeing the benefits. What are you doing in the digital content space?

Its a bit dated now, but in 2015 we did our tenant induction video firstly to solve a problem of providing consistent information on the TA, but also to create a buzz about being our tenant… Its slated for a re-vamp this year but its been hugely successful!

The above was a bit more of a fun piece around the wrapping of our fleet in 2017, (new ones going on next week) and it created quite a bit of buzz too…

I love content marketing, its the fun part of being a business owner! Love to know what other people are doing in this space.

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Thanks for sharing @ashley.giles Do you use the tenant video as a sales tool when promoting new business? Also, out of interest, how much is it to wrap a car? I’ve always been a big fan of signwriting, well, everything ha ha

I agree though, such a fun space to play. I couldn’t tell you how many hours I have spent in this space.

Sign-writing is cheaper than most people think! Those fiat wraps cost $800 +GST each, and we have got 3 years out of them, and could get more. We have an executive fleet with an “Art Wrap” which is the whole car, and fully printed that cost closer to $4k. 25%20PM
We like to re-fresh the cars frequently so that the messaging is new and crisp.

Sign-writing is such a cheap way to market to your market place. If you think about the cost of a billboard, or a mobile billboard (remember those ones you used to see driving around the city being towed) your teams cars can do this and more. I have seen some cool business’s do things with QR codes, a range of “Art Cars” which they enlist local artists to create and more… Get creative!

Small tip, park your cars in front of the properties you are marketing, or in the driveways or garages. A great way to include your brand into the reach of your listing platform.


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