Developing a Structured, Well Planned Meeting Framework

(Jodie Stainton) #21

So want to share with you all a little win today.
We ‘had the best meeting we’ve ever had’ according to the team.
So what made it great?
They said that they loved that we dedicated more time to the case studies, that is, missed & gained listings. They loved discussing scripts & dialogues and helping each other with different processes they’ve used in the past. And, we did our first session of 1 hour meeting and then 1 hour prospecting. I had 6 with me today and 5/6 walked away with one listing (one with three listings) from the 1 hour prospecting call session. You can bet that the one that walked away with no listing didn’t have data prepped and will next week! Pretty cool! They were pumped! The thing that is so obvious to me now is that any time you complete any training at all, you must have an implementation plan but immediately, before they leave, they must take either the first step or complete the thing in total to get buy in and change, preferably the latter.

By the way, the script they loved most was from this case study - Glen had a client that he was trying to secure the business (the property had been vacant for 4 weeks at $500 pw). He advised the client why the property wasn’t renting, giving the client a detailed overview. The client went and told the current real estate agent and of course, they quickly rented the property. Glen thought he would now miss the listing and wondered what to do. I said, you might handle it by saying, 'congratulations on your new tenant, I’m glad they took stock of the advice and it worked quickly. It’s such a shame they didn’t let you know 4 weeks ago - they could have saved you $2000 in lost rent or more than their management fees for a whole year!

We also discussed how Glen might have positioned the advice differently. For eg, asking for the business earlier. We’re finding that’s definitely helping our conversion rate. Currently reading ‘how to become a rainmaker’ as a group and simply asking for the business is critical. So many don’t do it. If anyone wants to read the book and discuss when our team discuss it at the EOM, let me know and we’ll invite you in.

(Terri Handy) #22

That is so cool @jodie.stainton This is not just a little win, it is HUGE!

I think this topic is something that would be great to expand on further when you speak at the LPMA Exchange in Sydney in a few weeks time. I feel pumped up just reading your post :laughing:

(Glenn Lehman) #23

@jodie.stainton Glenn has two n’s :roll_eyes:

(Jodie Stainton) #24

Hahaha My Glen has 1 - he has an n deficiency obviously. :wink:

(Jodie Stainton) #25

Got this article from Harvard and thought you all might like it given this topic:

(Glenn Lehman) #26

That was an interesting article. Well the first paragraph and the title. I did not make it to the end - (articles like meeting can sometimes be to long).

Short, sweat and to the point! Have Purpose. This song is really a good song for lost meeting and maybe offensive. Never trust singing puppets.

I would say more … but you get the point.