Did you build or buy your policy and procedures manual?

I know from first-hand experience how hard it is starting a Property Management Business. There are so many things to check, so many things to systemise and its is in all honnesty a mountain of work…

When we first started, we “Inherited” an old set of policies and procedures, there were several companies offering to sell us theirs but in the end, we built out our own slowly… Right or wrong it has worked for us, but I do wonder if we are missing anything, or what the opportunity cost of this was.

So I would love to know your story, did you build, inherit or buy your Policies and Procedures Manual, do you use it on an ongoing basis or is it (like @adam said at our conference last week) something that holds opens the fire door.

After all the talk of policies and procedures last week, this was on my list of priorities to action after conference last week! We have them, just not documented and as we are growing, I feel now is the time to get it sorted while our team is small.

I have to admit, it’s daunting starting from scratch and working out where to start. Someone suggested last week to do one a week with staff to get buy in - this sounds achievable so this is on the agenda for next weeks meeting. Now…just need to decide which one to pick first haha!


I think you have made the right decision @Lee. There is most likely nothing wrong with an off the shelf P&P manual, but what are the chances that it aligns with what you are trying to achieve as a business? I think that also, as a small team, building one yourself, while daunting will be much more tailored to you. If you do one a week, before you know it, it is done! Good luck!

O, and welcome to the forums @Lee :grinning: