Do we really know how our clients want to be served?

(Ashley Giles) #1

To provide great customer service within the PM industry you need to know your customers on an individual level.

From our data we know that a large percentage of our landlords are “Outsourcers” and want little to do in the day to day decisions. However, we also know that some are much more hands on and need a different style of management.

What do you do to get to know your customers better? and how do you set up your systems / team to react differently to these clients polar expectations?

At Wendell’s we have set up a process of “Matchmaking” the client’s needs and style with a specific PM. We have Investor PM’s, Home Owner PM’s and everything in between. It is frustrating at times as it does create in efficiency as were matching based on client needs, not area however I think overall it helps us meet our clients expectations and give them a better “Wendell’s Experience”.