Do you have a system for growth

Let’s open this one for discussion. Who thinks that employing a good growth team members is what drives a successful growth campaign or who believes that a structured system is what drives growth?

…and go!!

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Good question @adam

@tom is my New Business person here at Wendell’s. He is pretty new to the role but is doing very well.

What has been interesting is that in the beginning, he had more than enough to do converting the leads coming through the website, from our normal SEO etc.
But recently, (as the sales market is getting into summer season) leads have dried up and he is having to build a funnel.

We have no structure yet but are building it out step by step, process by process and its interesting to see the difference. Growth through the “Sales Machine” is steady, and predictable… Were in the early stages still but it’s great to see the learnings:

An example is:

Previous Clients:
100 calls,
20 warm leads

Nett result:
5 New Managements.

Now, there is a process and system for him to work through these leads, and keep in contact with the 20 warm leads moving forward.

We are now applying the same system around all of the 5 channels of Growth, (an old idea but a good one) and are seeing the results come through consistently.