Do you have goal planning sessions with your team?

vision_goals_worksheet.pdf (279.7 KB)

I have mentioned this a few times in forums, but here is the free downloadable resource for your next round of staff reviews.

This is a system developed by Lululemon (the clothing company) they started doing it with their team, and extend it to their customers. How wonderful would it be to do this with our clients, what amazing insights and connections could we make to keep them, long term clients!

Anyway, focusing on the team… This is a great way to make the review process “Sticker” it allows you as a leader to get an insight into what they are wanting to do with every aspect of their lives.

We do this process every year and review every quarter. Our team loves it! We have had team members want to do things in film, so we have helped them do this on the side of their job. Those skills now are coming back into our business, as well as a far more engaged and trained member of the team.

I would love to hear other ways you are setting goals with your teams, or that you are doing reviews not just based on “Performance” but on future planning for them, their families and ultimately the person in your business, not just the employee.