Drug Testing

(Sarah Martin) #1

Hi Team! Is anyone doing property drug testing?

(Ashley Giles) #2

We do here in NZ… For meth etc.

I have some owners that are on an annual or inbetween each tenancy program, others who only test if they are concerned etc.

Is it a big issue in Melbourne? NZ has a Meth issue like I have never seen before, I thought it was an NZ only thing talking to some of the other Au offices…

(Sarah Martin) #3

Its very rare in Melbourne but I reckon it will be like NZ soon!!
Did it take long for the landlords to accept it?

(Steve Warburton) #4

Hi from Tauranga New Zealand. We all went into the panic about this about 3 years ago and the latest from Insurance brokers seems to be that, If a property has never had a pre tenancy base line Meth tested completed. DO this test, then the onus seems to be on due diligence, we are expected to back ground check and credit check tenants, We do have excellent resources to do this and often have reports of 15-30 pages to sent to owners for final approval and at moment 80 % of tenants don’t meet our checking procedure.
We allow our management landlords to be very much part of final tenant selection as htey are a named party in agreement with us as their agent.
Then quarterly inspections to be completed and if any suspicion to act upon this fast.
This all seems to be out of head lines but I think lifting level to 1.5 has made a difference as the very few cases we have had in past were between 0.05 and 1.5
GOt a bit of topic but trust helpful