End of Financial Year Checklist

Australia has end of financial year approaching next moth so I’m updating the end of financial year checklist. There are some obvious trust things like processing invoices, clearing maintenance, checking owners funds on hold, trial balance reports and then processing EOFY statements.

Who has any other non-system things they do at EOFY to reset the team and start the new year fresh?

Dinner out with the team after roll over! It’s a very stressful time for the admin team especially, and its great to take a moment once you have climbed that mountain.

We also re-send owners their log in’s to the portal (if they have not logged in in the previous 3 months) so that they can access everything they need for their accountants without having to ask us :slight_smile:

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We don’t do it, but it could be a great time to ask for referrals and or google reviews! Anyone doing this successfully as part of EOFY?

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I love the idea of sending owners a reminder about the easiest way to access their information. :clap: