Facebook carousel marketing funnel

(Glenn Lehman) #1

@adam So what is this?

I have not heard of it before?

(Adam Hooley) #2

@glenn it is a specific marketing campaign on Facebook. You write 3 different ads/articles that capture a persons different interests or in business, different friction points. Anyone that clicks on these ads/articles are interested in what you have to offer. You can then re-target these people directly through a second Facebook campaign to buy your product or service. I my case, my online course.

(Adam Hooley) #3

The ‘carousel’ bit is how it appears on Facebook. You may have seen them already. It appears as three ads next to each other and you have to scroll across the page to see them, rather than up or down

(Glenn Lehman) #4

Can you post a link to your ad? (Or message it to me curious what classes you teach)

(Adam Hooley) #5

I haven’t posted the carousel yet, I decided to run a different FB campaign, but once I do I’ll see if I can link it here somehow. I’ll draft a diagram of it @glenn