Full time photographer / videographer?

Has anyone considered hiring a full time photographer / videographer?

Currently our sales arm are outsourcing this work and our PMs take snaps on their phones, but we are thinking about creating a full time role in the business to handle all media associated with sales AND rentals.

We figure any downtime can be spent creating video content for website/social media (and airbrushing wrinkles out of our holiday photos).


Hi Oliver,

You would certainly have to do your due diligence with regard to associated costs (fulltime employ against part time employ against outsource usage).
There would need to be quite some demand on their time to make it worthwhile I would have thought.

Regards Russ


This is a good idea @oliver. It might be worth considering if you can combine it with another role such as marketing, brand awareness, social media posting and management, uploading properties, and drafting content, as you have suggested.

Yeah think you are right, could be a role that we combine with something else. One for 2021!


Thanks Russ