Greetings everyone at NARPM in Las Vagas

(Ashley Giles) #1

Bill our USA SVP is proudly manning the LPMA stand at NARPM today. Wishing him, and all our USA members there the best conference and cannot wait to hear some of the key take aways.

If you are there, pop over and see Bill he is an absolute GEM, he loves this business and if you let him will talk your ear off on our vision for the future!

(Adam Hooley) #2

Hey to all our stateside colleagues. Go check out @bill at the NARPM conference. He’s a hoot to chat to if nothing else :slight_smile:

(Glenn Lehman) #3

Did we get many new members?

(Russell Hathcock) #4

I just signed up. I’m in Phoenix AZ

(Ashley Giles) #5

welcome @russ you are in good company!

(Ashley Giles) #6

I think we had quite a good uptake, poor Bill could not keep up so he has a few follow ups to do.

Overall in the USA, we are now over 50 members and growing fast! Its super exciting as were getting to a point where we can soon start to host our own events stateside.

We will update as things progress!

(Adam Hooley) #7

Yay! welcome @russ It is great to see the US contingency building increasing in stregth