Growth GROWTH!

Ha! The title had to be 10 characters so Growth GROWTH it is!

I’ve been working pretty hard over at Coronis with the growth team. I feel like we’re starting to get some wins and I thought I should share what’s been working.

We had a bit of a small process change today that hopefully will net big wins based on the first bit of feedback we had. Today, during our team meeting we discussed sending our docusign management agreements via sms. It turns out that while docusign isn’t made for sms, you can send the URL direct via text message and when the client gets the message, they click on the URL link and sign very simply direct on their mobile phone. Michelle put this immediately into place, following up someone that was signing days ago but hadn’t done it yet and after sending it, he called and said, ‘thanks so much for sending that via message, it was so much easier - I’ve signed them both’.

Two managements that we hadn’t received yet, back in 2 minutes after sending the agreement via sms. So now, we’ve also changed the process to send the docusign agreement as part of every appraisal conducted for a genuine management lead. We’ve also implemented video appraisals as of today too. Will let you know how this goes.

There’s lots more that’s been happening and I’ll share with you as I get a chance. What are you doing that seems to be working?


I will always remember this one particular listing opportunity that came up and when I tried to get the listing presentation the owner came back to me and said “we bought the house through the other agency so feel we should rent it through them.” I kept an eye on the listing and watched as the FOR RENT sign stayed out the front for weeks. The owners were doing bits and pieces to the property including having the outside painted and the front fenced repaired. I knew the owners lived interstate so I drove past, took a photo and sent them a text saying "I hope all is going well, the house is looking really great!. I got a call the next day and I signed them over that afternoon. I rented it a week later and a week after that I got a big bunch of flowers from the owners to say thank you plus a referral. I had called, emailed and left voicemails prior to the text all to no avail. The SMS definitely did the trick!


This is a great story @rikki Simple, but effective. I bet they still talk about you.

Love that improvement to your process @jodie.stainton. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference. If something isn’t working, tweak it. I think if we take more of an “experimental” approach, we are more likely to find out what our clients will respond positively to, than if we are rigid in our ideas.


yeh @jodie.stainton I think we sometimes think that a system needs to be built perfectly from day one. This is a good example where you are able to get adventurous and try new things to constantly improve the system to make it better. Good work, Looking forward to hearing how you go.

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We’re finding the new landlord portal is really winning us business at the moment. Targets channel 2, 3 & 5 (especially) perfectly. Makes a massive difference to professional investors. One of the team had a meeting with a financial planner with 200 properties yesterday. He loves the portal.


@jodie.stainton Did you guys build the portal ? I know that PM software all have a functionality for this, but they are not doing it well enough… Do you have any screenshots you can share?


Super cool @jodie.stainton. Thanks for sharing


@ashley.giles - no, it’s part of our Trust Accounting Software. It’s more in depth than most out there and owners are really impressed by it. We actually lost a listing due to the fact that the other agency had a portal. I realised that our team were talking about maintenance and arrears handling and all the PM things instead of selling transparency and our points of difference - so we now make it a part of our advertising and pre-listing.


Jodi do you use docusign only for management agreements? Or do you do the lease signing as well? Qld is still in the dark ages with the signing

And … what software program do you use?

Hi @Colleen

With regard to using electronic signatures in Qld, it is something you can use for Leases. I know quite a few people get stuck on the Witness part, but it is not a requirement under legislation that the lease is witnessed. I have a number of clients who are using products like Docusign or Pandadoc without any problems. I believe Realworks is going to roll this out very soon themselves. Lease Renewals become a breeze and tenants love it.

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I know there’s agents already on docusign but it’s yet to be accepted in QCAT. They are not acknowledging the electronic witnessing and we’ve been told to ‘use at your own risk’ which I’m not going to risk it. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time for the court to catch up and be in the 21st century

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Hey @Colleen So sorry I haven’t got back to you quicker. Got lost in the PMC timebomb!
We’re using it on both lease agreements and management agreements. Have been using it for both for a number of years now.
We haven’t had any issues.
We’re on Our Property. It’s great and we don’t actually need to use docusign as such, as the system has it within it.


Hey all in this topic. On the weekend at PMC I presented on ‘Generation Online’…The premise of the topic was: if we’re spending somewhere between $1000-$1500 to get a new client to our website, then why are we then going offline? I did up a website that allows the owners to book in an appraisal online and ‘checkout’ any packages they want. The first time I showed this was at PMC (hadn’t even showed Andrew Coronis & Jodi Ford yet LOL). So, I thought I’d ask, what do you think should be contained in the website. We’re going to really test this out. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

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So how do you get past the ‘electronic witnessing’ in QCAT?

This looks great. I’ll have to look at it in more detail.

Charge your phone! Haha

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Hey @Colleen - Have been reading up on Docusign after reading your post about QCAT. For all intents and purposes it would seem that they should in fact be accepting it. Have a look at this link:

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has been getting push back around this


@jeremy went thought the process in NZ it is covered by the 1999 securities and electronic signature act, glad to hear that Australia is finally keeping up on something… (Haha… too soon?)

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Haha not at all - just glad to hear it!

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I don’t think there has been push back, I think it is more about ensuring there are no future issues.

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Hi Jodie, what is in the text message? A link to the management agreement??
Sorry this just really sparked my interest.
Thank you.

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