Happy New Year

Hi everyone,

I sincerely hope you all have had a great little rest period and that you are either back firing on all cylinders or are gearing to come back firing on all cylinders.

I’m really looking forward to what this new year will bring, regardless of the challenges I know it will throw at me and I am looking forward to chatting with all and learning some more as we progress through the year.

Cheers Russ


Yes all back on board here. We had a great break and are a little overwhelmed this week as most people would be.
My tip for this is to go back to basics - block time out and complete tasks in sequence. It can be distracting to bounce from leases, maintenance and vacates all in an hour.
Does anyone else have tips for this at the start of the year?

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Happy New Year Russ!

Happy New Year Rebecca! Glad you had a great break. I am also catching up with my tasks and completing them one at a time starting with the urgent ones, I keep all my tasks on a Trello board so I won’t miss anything. I add due dates and labels to identify which are the urgent tasks. Adam is on his annual leave for 2 weeks, we may hear back from him once he is back on the 25th. :slight_smile:

Thanks Joana. Hopefully you had a great time over Xmas/New Year.

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Hi Rebecca,

Batching your work into time blocks is a great way to get into the rhythm of things again.
A couple of things I do:
I have a little system where I jot down notes about things that have popped into my head over the break so that I can add/delete them into my routine.
I have a system where I know what tasks are daily, weekly etc etc and I have them all in my electronic calendar with alarms.
I attack the bigger jobs first thing in morning, if possible. I find that first thing in the morning, I’m up and about and raring to go.
For the first week or so after I’m back at work, I start a little earlier so I can re-prioritise tasks if necessary. After a week or so, I generally find I am back into the full swing of things.
Some other little things I do of a general nature:
Phone calls - if its going past 5 minutes or so then I’m probably not sticking to the subject.
At the end of every week, I go back over my diary and see what didn’t work out as planned and I come up with the whys and then make a note for the following weeks.

Anyway, hope that helps.

Cheers Russ


Happy new year all and welcome back!
We’re into the swing of things again and the team are well rested - They need to be considering all of the changes coming into effect on 12th February.

A very big year ahead for our office - lots of goals in place and looking forward to collaborating with the LPMA community - really appreciate all of the feedback and ideas we can throw around and discuss to better ourselves and operations.

I’m a bit “old school” with my methodology and work off a to-do list. I’ve never found calendar blocking to work well for me personally, perhaps as I am interrupted frequently and thrown off track - being 100% available to my team is a massive support to them but does mean interruptions all day!

Make sure you enjoy some of the sunshine and don’t work too hard!

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Thanks for sharing Russ. This is great! :star_struck:

Trello boards are certainly a great way to organise workload
I have staff in three offices using them - its great for giving tasks to other staff members as well
Due dates work well


Yes and it’s easy to use! Happy New Year Louise! :smiley: