Have you tapped into the potential of podcasts?

Podcasts provide a cost-effective, personal and human way of communicating with people. They resonate with people all over the place and those aural learners who have a preference for the spoken word.

In our industry they can be used to update your clients on recent news in the area, train your employees on best practise, or simply as a means to get your name out there and attract more business.

Have you tapped into the potential of podcasts? Maybe you offer your clients a monthly episode? Or, you simply listen to property management/business podcasts yourself to continue growing?

Personally, I LOVE podcasts and find my commute to work every morning flies by because of the storytelling going on in my ear. I find it is such an easy way to learn new things and am always looking for recommendations. Any suggestions?

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these always kick my :roll_eyes:

  1. I try and find the best pod cast player for my s-9
  2. Then I read about the pod cast player
  3. Then I install the free version
  4. Then I look for the best pod cast
  5. Then I select about 10 years worth of things to listen to
  6. Then I listen for 10 minutes
  7. Then I forget to ever go back

I might need help here Is someone can help me with steps 1 - 5 I can go to step 6 and just start there.

Thanks - Glenn

PS: Forgot the mandatory side track in looking at equipment to create my own pod cast.

I love podcasts as well @jody.gilligan.

Because I travel quite a bit in the car (I live in the country), I find podcasts a great way to make use of driving time. I particularly enjoy interview style podcasts and subscribe to a wide variety of shows. I do tend to binge on whatever I am interested in at the time, although one of my favourites that I have been listening to for a number of years is Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast by the ladies who run Goleansixsigma.com - always very interesting.

A good real estate one is Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent, Josh Phegan has a another with quite short shows that are quite motivating (usually about sales) and I also like How I Built This with Guy Raz - he interviews some really interesting people.

I have a friend who is addicted to the ABC Radio one (I think) which she says is definitely worth checking out.

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I just received this article about the pros and cons that makes a great summary.

I think it all depends on your marketing strategy and with what you start: Social Networks, Vlogs, Blogs, Podcasts or even Pininterest. The only real thing is to be focused on one, grow it, put the right resources in place to continue this process and then use this to launch another medium. You then increase your reach and capitalize on the work you already did, which makes this worth it.

I prefer audio books but in terms of podcasts, I like the trainings given by network marketing gurus. For me who is sooo far removed from the sales type of role, the way they make it sound so natural and flowing is fascinating to me.

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