How do you celebrate Christmas in your office?

It’s Christmas, no more denying it!! I have young kids, so this year am just embracing :christmas_tree: Christmas with all its festive delights…

The team at the office have started decorating… there is a-lot of tinstle… :smiley:

How do you celebrate Christmas in your office, let’s donsomething fun… upload a photo of your office or your team with festive cheer and the winners get a prize… @jody.gilligan you get to choose the prize and winner! (She does take bribes buys…haha)

Merry christmas all!


Haha I love this! I will think of a glorious prize to give away. I personally LOVE Christmas so I may be hard to impress with this one… But, I’m so excited to see how you all celebrate with your teams & decorate your offices :christmas_tree:

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Do we have a tree up at LPMA HQ yet?