How do you host your systems and processes?

We had this question at our recent Round Table event in New Zealand, are there any great software out there for hosting a “Live or smart” searchable version of your policies and procedures manuals?

Obviously there is the old trick of “CNTRL F” to make any doc searchable, and in word you can use a “Title Page” to fast track to certain sections. Who has some great tech (Ideally free) that they are using other than Word…

I think @mfurlong mentioned one, but it would be great to hear some thoughts and ideas on the topic.

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There is a product called Process Street which is very cool, however it is not free.

I looked at a great tool yesterday called It should be out by the end of the year and I think it is perfect for our industry. Pricewise, they intend to keep it very low and affordable.

There is always good old Trello where you can have your checklist, process (including videos) and standard templates all in the one spot.

The one Michael mentioned is Google Sites - you can build your own mini-website (like an intranet) and house everything in the one spot.


I’ve found Asana is also a good option. They have a free version. It appears a bit complex at first but once you work it out, it works fine. MIght be worth exploring.

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you had me at FREE @adam

Has anyone had any experence using ?

Looking at this as it has Quizzes, a great seach function and is less about kanban style planning, and more of a platform. It is about $80 per month, so not cheap…

@terrihandy I would love your thoughts?

I am definitely going to check it out @ashley.giles. Thanks for the tag.

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