How do you promote personal growth?

(Adam Hooley) #1

How do you encourage employees to learn and grow to help them build out their careers? Ultimately each individual should own their career and not wait for there employers to drive it for them, however, as employers, we have an obligation to ensure we encourage our team to continually learn and grow to remain engaged and advance in their career.

Here at LPMA we have and Extraordinary Program where we encourage staff to do courses/conferences etc to a certain value. You may encourage each employee to spend up to $500 per year on extra learning outside of the business.

Who has awesome ways to encourage continued learning amongst their teams?

(Glenn Lehman) #2

We have setup a 10% tuition discount with a local college.

We train on thing like goal setting and time management.

We give pay increases based o. Professional development.

(Jodie Stainton) #3

Our team is currently reading, ‘how to become a rainmaker’. We read and discuss a book, once a month. I have a subscription to Harvard which I send articles from and also I’ll send out videos I like too. I’m trying to keep up with my learning as well as promoting it within our team.