How do you recognise your employees and each other?

(Rikki Sambrooks) #1

We all get busy but that doesn’t mean we should neglect to praise employees and each other. What system do you have to recognise good work? We’re all about the taco praise in Slack…but I’m interested to hear what others might be doing and how that forms part of your work culture?

(Glenn Lehman) #2

@rikki We are with you on this method too:

I sometimes will do a Friday night shout out on facebook live.

(Rikki Sambrooks) #3

Oh I like that @glenn - some people do FB live really well!

(Jodie Stainton) #4

We have a number of systemised things for eg:

  • Birthdays and anniversaries go up on Facebook tagging the person into a lovely message and putting photos up of them - our accounts remind us to do that.
  • Best Employees - for eg, PM, BDM, Admin, Support team etc of the quarter/annually
  • Andrew (CEO) asks who he should send a personal message to and why the previous month
  • Result driven rewards - for eg, if we get 400 new managements in the next quarter, we’re off to Fiji or a spa day or something

In our team, we also list every new management and I comment on every single one and our team ‘like’ it. I then might say, wow, Alex, you’re on fire and put up a gif etc if she’s done 3 in a row.
I like tacos for slack and I’m trying to find the best one for Microsoft.
We also have a leaderboard that shows where our team are up to - based on points.
We’ll also run comps during the year - for example we have Coronis Cup coming up and all the teams are against each other.
I will do some impromptu things like take a team member for lunch if they’ve been working hard.

(Marine Funfrock) #5

I guess it depends at what stage you are as a company and what behavior you want to develop into habits.

You can have a strong set of values as a company and long term employees that matches the values and in this example, you can think of having a reward system that is putting some healthy competition in. Or you can start with new teams, new set of people or are entering a growth mode. In this context, the risk is more about what you don’t know, so the behaviour you may want to enhance is sense of belonging, trust and team spirit. In this one the reward system will be less about money and more about increasing connection, active listening and inclusion.

I think that employees recognize when what you do is in line with the long term perspective, so a good recognition system should also be part of the particular strategy you’re in and the type of organisation you want to become.

In that sense, definition of the strategy would come first, then the culture that needs to be built to feed the strategy and then the recognition system to feed the culture. Doing it this way brings focus and it’s also easier to track progress.

(Glenn Lehman) #6

It is funny as I reread the title of this and immediately thought: I keep thier picture in their profile. Then I know what they look like.

I am not good with names and need all the help I can get.

(Marine Funfrock) #7

Ahah you would not be the first one, in the accounting firm I worked for, the partners were given the name and pictures of the newbees printed on a few A4 that was then put on the wall above their computer. Did the trick though.

(Sarah Martin) #8

Hi Rikki, we used to use Hey Taco in slack but came across a program called Redii, its fantastic and very reasonably priced. Its similar to hey taco but in my opinion more overall company goal focused. You can check it out here:
We integrate our employee of the month into this as well.
Ps it integrates with Slack (Maybe have a look at this one @jodie.stainton
If the team hit their weekly goals 2 weeks in a row we close for an extra hour on a Friday to go to the pub (way to a pms heart right) :smile:

(Jodie Stainton) #9

Such a great one @sarah - love the pub idea.
Will check it out. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

(Kaan Ristic) #10

Hello all, i’m not sure if i’m in the right topic but liked the theme here - have a Q in relation to KPI rewarding. i.e. lowest arrears, most re-leases, vacancy rates etc. Is there anyone that rewards on these things to drive a better system in office? thanks in advance, Kaan

(Jodie Stainton) #11

We don’t, but I think you could do personal best rewards for thie above?