How do you stay focused on your company vision?

(Adam Hooley) #1

The business vision is at the core of the business owners drive. It is the reason they get out of bed each day. As the team grows it becomes harder to stay focused on this vision and a proactive approach needs to be taken to ensure the whole team remains aligned and can continually deliver on this vision.

Here at LPMA, we hold an all-hands (town hall) meeting every two weeks to ensure the projects we are working on are aligned with our vision for the business.

How do you and your team remain aligned on the business vision? Do you have regular catch ups with your team? Have you implemented it into your daily tasks or perhaps you have it printed on the walls?

(Ashley Giles) #2

@adam I think that an all hands or similar is great. It works very well when you have departments or silos in a business.

I know in a smaller business like Wendell’s it is hard for us to really have these effectively. However our regular meet up, and a “quarterly off site” gives us the time and space to focus on the big picture, instead of the small immediate fires which are always present for Property Management.

If you have never done a staff retreat, or an off site it would deffinilty be a good idea! @adam has some great examples of how this has worked very well for businesses. A retreat is the next steps for Wendell’s to re-alighn the team on a shared goal (our previous growth goal was a trip to Rarotonga for the team)

(Marine Funfrock) #3

Very good question!

I’ve been thinking a lot about it and what I got to was that you need to live and breath it. The way to do it is to pep talk yourself and everyone with the vision. I have been trialling it on me for public speaking and it got me exactly where I wanted to get to: 1st on a speech contest.

I do believe this can work for anything so going to trial it for vision and see how this goes. At the end of the day it’s the consistency that will make the vision live and thrive, so 30sec pep talk multiple times a day will ingrain the vision vocabulary and thus how I talk to everyone. In turn, confidence will flow through and everyone will start using the same vocabulary and I won’t have to work that hard to get buy in.

How I got to this is very interesting. My sources are:

  • The magic of thinking big by David Schwartz
  • Cars, Pixar… my son loves McQueen and his pep talk is: faster than fast, quicker than quick, I am speed. I can see the impact of these words on my son, somehow he sit straighter, he looks bigger, leaner and fitter. I can also feel the impact on my body language too and thus it looks like the easiest way to make things vibrate faster, stronger and deeper.