How do you use digital platforms to communicate with each other?

There are so many options today on how to best communicate with your team and colleagues online. It seems the latest trend for internal comms is the social intranet (ie: Facebook Workplace, Yammer, Slack, Google chat).

Here at LPMA, we use (and love) Slack to communicate. We may be a unique example because we have staff in several cities across the globe, and a flexible working from home policy, so being in constant ‘chatter’ with each other proves to be vital for us.

Some of my favourite aspects of Slack are: group chats (so that all the people who need to see a message do, and those who don’t are not spammed), messages and files never delete, easy sharing of documents, great integrations, emojis and gifs give it a more casual feel, and the taco add on (one of this forum’s personal favourites, I see) is a great addition to team recognition.

Slack has fast become a central hub for our company, where our engineers can chat with our sales team and our Melbourne office can stay in the loop with what’s going on with @ashley.giles in New Zealand.

Which platform do you use to communicate internally? What benefits have you found it provides your business?

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I am a slacker …

I like Slack @jody.gilligan Because I work with a number of different offices, I like how I can have access to multiple accounts. I will often ask to be a part of their “general” channel too, so I can gauge how a team is feeling.

I have just heard about MarcoPolo. This is an accountability video app for less than 8 people. I need to check this out further.

Is there anyone else out there familiar with this tool?

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I’m a slack fan also. I work across multiple businesses also and this gives me a single platform to stay active with my clients. It seems that man people now know about slack and are happy to give it a go.

We use Teams @jody.gilligan - Quite similar to Slack but feel it puts more in one place. It’s made a big difference to our team. Would go back to google if I could, but at least Teams makes up for how I feel about outlook. LOL

Benefits for those considering a dedicated team comms tools no matter which one you’re thinking about:

  1. Keeps email for clients and team chatter for team chatter. This makes the team feel less stressed about then number of emails (honestly, you’d be surprised how much your teams communicate with each other, clogging up their emails).
  2. Keeps discussions on important matters out of email threads and easy to see who has said what.
  3. Integrations - gif, emojis, polls, files, calendars, bots, project management tools etc all help to make team interactions fun, seamless and in the one place. Love it and belive everyone should be on something like it.
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I really like the look of Teams @jodie.stainton and am almost sorry I don’t have a team to play with on it :grinning: I think if I was using Microsoft 365 in my own office, I would really delve into this. I like the idea of everything in one place.

Is there a video chat function for your online meetings through Team or are you having to another tool?

There’s video chat in the tool - for both group and 1-1 chats. Very similar to Slack. I like the meeting fuction better in Teams - there’s no need to invite everyone to meetings, you just put the meeting in the channel that you want and it starts in there asking everyone to join. Really easy!

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