Induction Process For New Employee

(Kimberley Yeeles) #1

Hi Everyone,

Just looking for some ideas on how other offices carry out their induction process with new staff?

Does anyone have any ideas or tips that have worked really well for them?

(Adam Hooley) #2

Hey @kimberley.yeeles I put the position description headings into a spreadsheet. I then nominate area champions to do the training. This allows you to have the best in each area to train new staff but also helps build relationships within the team. New team members also have a goto person for any followup questions. It has worked well in the past. I have attached a copy of a sample one.

Training and Induction Plan.pdf (238.9 KB)

(Kimberley Yeeles) #3

Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for sharing this plan. It looks very easy to read and follow.

I like it, what a great idea.

(Jodie Stainton) #4

I loved the story from @terrihandy regarding Tim from Magic Rentals who puts little ‘treasure hunts’ into the process. For eg, the new person might have to find out the boss’ middle name. Just adds fun to the process and gets the team involved.

In Trello, I’ve developed a checklist for my new employees. Once they’ve been trained in the area, it’s marked off. I also put their birth date, anniversary dates etc in there. As I or they think of things I need to train them in, I add it to the list, so it’s a dynamic list that’s being updated with the idea that it won’t ever be ‘finished’. There’s always something to add. I like it because as we proceed, they’re going to see all the value that we’ve added to their career and in our performance meetings, we can look back over the quarter/year and see how they’ve grown.

(Kimberley Yeeles) #5

That’s also a great idea.

I think one of the most important parts of the induction process is making sure the new team member feels like part of the team and a valued member very quickly.

One thing we do is we take them out to lunch on their first day with the team. This is usually a good ice breaker and also a nice break from the brain drain of training.

(Adam Hooley) #6

I agree @kimberley.yeelesanyway you make them feel welcome quickly will absolutely help with induction. Lets all go to lunch ;p

(Terri Handy) #7

Hi @kimberley.yeeles The good news is, you already know Tim, so don’t be frightened to pick his brain around this. He is great at the “little things” and has a very clear induction process.

One thing I find with a number of induction plans, they are not specific enough, particularly during that first week or two. If you are going to have other team members assist with training, then ensure this is in their diary and everyone is clear about what has to happen. Having a plan for them and allocated times for training is one easy way to demonstrate your care factor.

Regular, scheduled meetings to ascertain how they are tracking are also a must.

Actually, I could go on about this for ages. Having a good induction process is critical for the individual and team’s success. Just like having a good induction for a new tenant or a great onboarding process for a new owner. So important!!!

(Ashley Giles) #8

What a great idea for the Treasure hunt! Love these comments, and the Trello is a great way to get them to work through everything while introducting them to the software also!

(Tim Ellis) #9

Hi all :slight_smile:
We have a treasure hunt as a bit of fun. If I can figure out how to attach it here I will do that asap !
This forum looks pretty cool, chat soon.
TimMR New Team Member TREASURE HUNT.docx (113.6 KB)

(Terri Handy) #10

That would be amazing if you are happy to share your Treasure Hunt @TimEllis It’s a great way to help a new team member really understand and appreciate your culture. :raised_hands:t2:

(Tim Ellis) #11

Are there instructions on how to attach a document ? Is this even possible ?

(Adam Hooley) #12

26%20PM This magic button here above the text box when you are typing your message @TimEllis

(Tim Ellis) #13

ok all, treasure hunt document uploaded. New team members have 7 days to complete it and they have to ask around to complete it. It’s great for learning about the business and get’s staff chatting and laughing together :slight_smile:

(Adam Hooley) #14

Great @TimEllis I think it looks awesome. I like the one “Why do we have lollies stored in the office?” I would answer, To eat them num num

(Sarah Martin) #15

This is awesome!!! I love it!