Inspect Express

Hi all,
We have heard good things about the Inspection Express tool,: ease of use, improvements to efficiency and far quicker simpler setup for new properties.

A few concerns around the lack of integration with our PM software (Palace) and has it’s own email system (we already use Palace and Outlook for client comms).

Does anyone use this tool and able to provide feedback on their experience please?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Julie - I have a number of my consulting clients that use it, or I have suggested to use it - not sure about integration with Palace though - I am sure that it does - I would however suggest NOT to simply use the base text in the templates - I have found that they need a considerable amount of customisation to get the best out of them - the program platform is really quite good - but again, too many agency’s that I have seen simply use the templates as their own as is - reach out if you want further info - I have been working in the Victorian market mainly this past 15 months given the New Tenancy Act - and have yet to see an Agency fully use the platform (customising the templates) - it takes some work to populate - but well worth it - Michael


Thanks Michael, great info and we will have a look at customising the templates in the light of what you have recommended. I’ll certainly get in touch if we decide to go ahead with Inspection Express. Appreciate your input thank you, Julie

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