Inspiration Please

Hi All,

We’re always on the lookout to improve our material and service to customers - while we’re having some Covid induced isolation time we figure now is as good as ever!

Am hopeful that some of you would be open to sharing the current material that you have in your “new listing kit”. We’re not wanting to copy - just seeking some inspiration from like-minded businesses :slight_smile:

Would appreciate anything you would like to share - please feel free to email me directly :



Hey Cherie,
Hope you got what you were seeking :slight_smile:
Regards, Michelle


There is so much you can put in there, you just need to cater it to you and your style.
Ideas are:
All tenancy forms, leases, entries, routine examples.
Anything you give to the tenants - handbooks, renting guides, local information from visitor info sites, schools bin days etc.
Stats on renting in the area, how many properties, values, rental yields.
Censor information like average age, income etc of the area (some people love that)