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(Adam Bettison) #21

Hi everyone. I run a suburban real estate agency in Perth. I have managed property personally for 21 years and an agency for 13 years. I am constantly looking for new systems and procedures to empower and train my property management staff, and to detach myself from the daily operations. I wish I didn’t have to troubleshoot, fix, reverse, compensate and apologise to owners each day :slight_smile: Cheers, Adam

(Ashley Giles) #22

Hey Adam, Welcome and very glad to have you on board. I can totally emphasise with your position, I am always looking at the “Owner Compensation” line in my own P&L’s and wondering “How did we get here!”… There are some great minds in this forum, hopefully together we can find a way to the otherwise!

(Adam Hooley) #23

Hey Adam, great to see you here and welcome. I’m confident there are others in the same bost looking forward to solving these issues together.

(Adam Bettison) #24

Yes exactly, today instead of focusing on important things I am responding to an owner suing for $600 for a cost overrun on a fence replacement. Poor communication meets adversarial owner. Mega facepalm. Certainly it could have been prevented. I invest more and more time and resources into training the staff but it still isn’t enough.

(Terri Handy) #25

HI Adam,

Welcome to the forum. Service recovery is such an important skill for a PM, as is the ability to anticipate a potential issue or even more importantly, the opportunity to improve a client`s experience (are they one and the same?).

Don`t get disheartened, you will get there :grinning: At the LPMA Leadership Summit last month, Boris Groysberg worked through two case studies which I found helpful in giving great takeaways around just this type of thing.

(Jonathan Downing) #26

Afternoon All,
I’m Jono, I’ve been in the industry now for 14 years. Started out wayyyyy back in the day as sign boy since then I have done everything in between from Sales, Leasing, PM, BDM, Office manager. The bulk of these years were spent at Coronis (4) and Rental Express ( 6 and half), so I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing people including one @adam who I see is a regular contributor here! I am currently at Mosaic Property Group in Brisbane as the Operations Manager for Property Manager. Property management is something I am very passionate about specially the people and culture! Looking forward to enlightening and engaging conversations in this forum! I’ll also be speaking at the upcoming PMC conference which am very excited about, as its shaping to be a fantastic two days!

(Adam Hooley) #27

Hey welcome aboard Jono. Looking forward to your contributions here and also looking forward to hearing you speak at the upcoming PMC conference on the Gold Coast in November.

(Terri Handy) #28

Great to see you here @Jono I have not heard the term “Sign boy” for a very long time :smile: Sounds like you have lots to offer the forum - we are all keen to hear your thoughts on people and culture. I also look forward to listening to you speak at PMC.

(Jonathan Downing) #29

Thanks @terrihandy! Haha I was only 19 at the time so very much a boy then!

(Ashley Giles) #30

Hi @Jono , welcome!

Very excited to hear you speak at PMC, and thanks for being in this space. 14 years, you would have seen a lot come and go! Could you start a thread by telling us what you think the one biggest opportunity is for Property Management in the next 2 years… I would love to hear your ideas, and see the thoughts and feedback from others in this space.

(Hamish Turner) #31

Hi Everyone,
My name is Hamish Turner, I am a rent roll broker / property management consultant here in New Zealand. What do I love about the industry - the diversity of our industry is wide. Let’s say I sell 20 rent rolls in the next 6 months, they all be completely different. What do I feel is the biggest challenge ahead - businesses adjusting to the rapid and constant changes to legislation and regulations. Also, the impact software or “protech” has on the industry. The change is positive, but the speed and the impact of the speed is and will be a challenge broadly speaking.

(Kelly Munro) #32

Hi LPM’s

I am Kelly Munro from Fast Connect and we have been long term sponsors of LPMNZ and now LPMA.
We have been very involved with the Property management industry since 2006 and have made many friends within the industry. It is my favourite thing to visit offices throughout the country delivering chocolate fish and catching up with our fantastic agents in every corner of the country. We aim to be in every office twice a year. It has been fantastic to see the small new operators grow their businesses and thrive in an increasing competitive market. We learn lots at conferences and are always happy to share new ideas and innovations. I look forward to working closer with your great industry. Can’t wait to see you in your office or at the next LPMA event. It is back to a Munro team on the road with Sophie due back in November, Mike and or course me.


(Terri Handy) #33

Hi @hamish

Great to have you here. I agree, being able to quickly make positive changes within our businesses, whilst it is a challenge, is going to be key to our industry flourishing over the next few years. I look forward to your contributions to the forum.

(Terri Handy) #34

Hi @kelly

Welcome to the forums. You had my attention with the chocolate fish - I wonder if we can get that to take off in Australia. It just can’t be an NZ thing surely :smiley:

(Kelly Munro) #35

I must say they always seem popular with our visiting Australians, Bob loves them, Deniz loves them, Tara loves them, give me your address I’ll post some for you!

(Terri Handy) #36

You might regret that offer @kelly :joy:

(Adam Hooley) #37

Hi @kelly and welcome to the LPMA community forum. It is great to have you here.

Did someone say chocolate fish?

(Jodie Stainton) #38

Hi everyone, I’m Jodie, also known as the ‘why’ girl. I’m likened to toddlers who question why about everything! I’ve been in the industry for 18 years and I love it! I’ve recently moved to Coronis as the Growth Leader.
There’s many many things I love about the industry, but mainly that it gives you the opportunity to learn a diverse range of things. You’re not pigeon holed if you don’t want to be. In my time, I’ve worked across admin, sales, pm, growth, consulted, IT, marketing, HR, Accounts and Legal. It’s just so much fun learning about everything. Currently it’s all about growth, data, recruitment & team management and systems.
I think the biggest challenge coming is that lots of industries seem to be coming for us, taking over parts of the services we offer currently. Ensuring we’re finding new ways to add value is going to be a huge challenge. We have a major challenge too in that our tech is fragmented and severely behind and doesn’t really do us justice. It certainly doesn’t really make things simpler for us or for our clients. Much of our newest ‘innovations’ are far behind other service related industries. For eg, I can book an appointment online and choose a doctor that suits me, but can’t book an appraisal online. I can arrange quotes within a couple of days from maintenance service providers that are star rated but have no transparency into the tradespeople my agency uses. I can see what my property is worth through my banking app, but not through my property portal. It’s crazy when you start to think about all the things that we just don’t have, yet we’ve had this industry for such a long time.
I look forward to all of our discussions as I love a healthy debate. Can’t wait to learn from all of you!

(Adam Hooley) #39

Hey @jodie.stainton welcome to the forums. You are definitely right. There are so many people doing ‘property things’ much better than we do. Looking forward to all the awesome things you can share with us, particulary around driving growth through optimization.

(Pat Mifsud) #40