Introduce yourself

(Pat Mifsud) #62

(Julie Johnston) #63

Hello all, I am Julie Johnston, GM for Housemart based in beautiful Queenstown down in the deep south of the main island in New Zealand.
We have a fairly unique setup here with a relatively small local community and huge numbers of visitors, short to medium term residents, high demand and big city rents but a large percentage of people on low wages. Looking forward to comparing notes on some of the challenges, opportunities and fun ideas in the Property Management industry along with general business topics.
With team culture a primary focus at Housemart, we do pride ourselves on celebrating our successes well so always keen to discuss those along with the challenges!

(Terri Handy) #64

So good to see you here @julie Thank you for introducing yourself. I love that you highlighted celebrating success - I think that sometimes we get so busy that we forget to pat ourselves and our team members on the back for a job well done. Success doesn’t just have to be a new management or win at tribunal, it can be a price alignment, tough conversation by a PM or even the Tupperware pile in the kitchen measuring less than a 1 metre tall :grinning:

I look forward to hanging out with you.

(Shadi Salehpour ) #65

Hi all,

I am Shadi and I am a property manager with Lovegrove / Professionals in Manukau. We are an award-winning office, and our team consists of 2 winners of LPMA property managers, one of them being myself. Love our team and culture here! And I have been with this office for the last 3 years.

This morning a quote I saw caught my attention, and it said, ‘to be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work’ and its this love that has kept me in the industry for about 8 years. I still enjoy it and always on the look out for new challenges and learning new things.

So, its great to be here, great platform for sharing ideas and motivation.

Thank you

(Terri Handy) #66

I have heard lots of good things about your agency @Shadi so can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Thanks for coming on board!

(Rikki Sambrooks) #67

Great to have you here @Shadi - we love the Lovegrove team and having them be part of the LPMA community. It was inspiring to watch you guys get up on stage at the NZ awards in September and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when Geoff spoke of the team and Alex. Very much looking forward to you bringing that energy into our forums - welcome!

(Ashley Giles) #68

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the forums! I think for everyone here to really get to know you and the award winning business you run with Hayley you should post your video!

We look forward to your contributions.

(Julie Johnston) #69

Great idea thanks Ashley!

(Adam Hooley) #70

Hi @julie Welcome to forums. it is great to have you here. With a unique business like yours I’m sure you’ll also have lots of great ideas you can share with us also.

(Adam Hooley) #71

Hi @Shadi Welcome to the forums. You have one thing in common with most of us here. We are passionate about property management and also about finding better ways to do it and support our customers so we can luv it even more :slight_smile:

(Michelle Delaney) #72

Hi Everyone - My name is Michelle Delaney and I have been in the Industry for almost 30 years. I am now working as a consultant helping other people in the Industry achieve results and reach their goals. I think the greatest thing about being in this Industry is that it constantly evolves and changes. Love being part of these exciting times.

(Adam Hooley) #73

Welcome @mdelaney it is great to have you onboard. Looking forward to hearing all the cool ideas you have :slight_smile:

(Ashley Giles) #74

Welcome @mdelaney, great to have you here. We look forward to your contributions, you work with a lot of great business so hope that the forums can also help them!

(Glenn Lehman) #75

Greeting everyone! I am Glenn Lehman, Owner Lehman Property Management. I have been in business for just over 11 years. We manage about 2,200 doors in Central and eastern PA. I reside just outside of the sweetest place on earth, Hershey Pa.

I will apologize up front. My spelling is poor and my grammar is poorer.

I look forward to learning a lot here every day.

(Adam Hooley) #76

Hi @glenn welcome to the Forums and happy Thanksgiving :slight_smile: We are excited to have more influence from our stateside colleagues into our great forums. We look forward to your contributions :us:

(Marine Funfrock) #77

Hi all

I am Marine and I’m a business lawyer by education, a tax accountant (and accross any kind of finance function really) by trade, a very creative person that loves taking stories to another level and inspire people to reach their aspirations, and I have been managing people and advising businesses for 13 years now.

I come from literally the other side of the world (France), I am working with @phil and supporting One Place across all business lines through the Finance function especially. I came in the Property Management industry with One Place already when I arrived in New Zealand in 2013, then came back to my first love, tax accounting (yeah I know I’m a weird kind of fish) but the fast paced environment and diverse range of challenges called me back to where I started.

Looking forward to interacting with you all. I am known for my out of the box thinking so I may have very different views and insight.

As I said don’t hesitate to call me on any accounting and tax question (especially NZ ones), exit strategies and impact, how to present tax stuff to owners…

A bientot!

(Glenn Lehman) #78

@marine Welcome … you are not a world away from me … just a short trip across the pond.

I look forward to learning from you.


(Teejay Seo) #79

Hi Everyone, I am Teejay from Metro Realty and I have been in the industry for over 10 years. I work as a Business Development Manager and I am looking forward to contributing to the conversations in the forums.

Speak soon.

(Mark Thompson) #80

Hello all!

I’m Mark Thompson, Broker/Owner of EquityTeam Property Mgmt and Investing Services.

We’re the highest rated residential PM in Cincinnati, OH.

Groups like this have given me the clarity to take our company to another level, so I’m excited to see what I can learn from LPMA and implement.

I’ve been helping people successfully invest in residential real estate since 2003 and started focusing on PM out of necessity b/c I had no PM to send my investors to that was worth the referral. Since then we’ve put acquisitions on the back-burner, doubled in size every year growing organically, and have turned down / fired over 1,000 units choosing to focus on quality over quantity (fired 120 off 3 months ago). As of this post we manage around 400 units.

Our strengths are being selective and using technology and hiring EXCELLENT people. Our weaknesses are well-defined and easily followed processes that we can easily teach others, and finding enough hours in the day (something I’m sure we all share :)).

Looking forward to learning from you all and engaging in this network.

(Glenn Lehman) #81

Welcome … to my friend from Cincinnati

Serious we are just a state away and actually in the same time zone. It will be nice to get to know you!