Introduce yourself

(Adam Hooley) #82

Hi @Mark welcome to the Forums. Our US contingency is getting bigger. I’m excited about the ideas you guys are going to share with the community. You are also our first Ohio subscriber :slight_smile:

(Mark Thompson) #83

LMAO, where did you find that song/video. I’ve never even heard it :).

(Glenn Lehman) #84

@MarkTET while I would like to claim I am very smart - the truth is I googled it.

(Russell McMackins) #85

Russell McMackins, President Renters Warehouse -SE Virginia. Investor and property management for 20 years.

(Ashley Giles) #86

Hi @russell welcome to the LPMA family. 20 years is an impressive time in Property Management. We look forward to your contributions and experience here in the forums.

Feel free to start a topic or thread if you have anything in your business that you would like some assistance with. Most of us are on the other side of the world, but sometimes an outside perspective is the best one!

(Glenn Lehman) #87

@russell does that put you in the tidewater area? Welcome from your friend’s north of the mason Dixon line.

(Adam Hooley) #88

Welcome @russell to the forums. Looking forward to you sharing those 20 years of wisdom with us :slight_smile:

(Russell McMackins) #89

Yes, right here in the heart of Tidewater! Thank you

(Russell McMackins) #90

Thanks Adam!

(Russell McMackins) #91

Thank you. I look forward to this very much!