Is anyone Mystery Shopping their competitors? If you are, what are your main takeaways?

(Glenn Lehman) #21

Mystery shopping is completed. Information was incomplete for the following reasons:

  • I hired wrong mystery shopper (I should have used PM from out of the area)
  • I was not in the queue to be called and I am 50% of business development
  • Shopper seemed to look for the good and focused on that side of things.
  • Report format was somewhat not very useful

So what did I learn.

  • There is a need to define what we expect to check in mystery shopping
  • There is not a good company in the US to outsource this to
  • You cannot do it yourself
  • Begin with the end in mind

So just don’t mystery shop to say you did it and be one of the :cool::man_technologist:

Note to Self

This might be a business opportunity.

(Adam Hooley) #22

Hi @glenn thanks for sharing these trials and tribulations with your mystery shopping. It is often best to design a template for your mystery shoppers to use where they are just ticking and flicking what they find or hear. In Oz we have found ex PM’s that have started a family or recently retired from the industry are ideal for this work.

(Glenn Lehman) #23

So do we have templates? What kind of information would people want to know?

(Ashley Giles) #24

Great post @glenn, carefull @adam would love to partner up with you on that new business venture! Haha…