Keeping employees engaged through video

(Rikki Sambrooks) #1

Video is a dominant trend for internal communication. From conferencing to live streaming corporate events, the creation of employee engagement and training videos, this format offers massive potential for streamlining internal messaging. How do you use video to keep your employees engaged?

(Marine Funfrock) #2

Interesting question. Not there yet but willing to know more. Apart from training videos, when would you use them? would you change the “your call may be recorded for training purposes” into “your interaction with our staff may be recorded in video for training purposes”. Or would you also use it as internal motivation videos?

(Rikki Sambrooks) #3

Our staff at LPMA and Ailo are spread out over NZ, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and the US. We all use both Slack and Google Hangouts to video conference each other either one on one, in meetings, or to get the whole company together at our monthly “All Hands” where we all get together (online if we’re not in the office) and discuss each area in the business. This is a great way to communicate, and keep engaged with one another, particularly for those of us that don’t have an office and work from home each day

(Jodie Stainton) #4

Think it can also be used to bring expertise into your division without costly flights and accom.
For eg, I’ve had some great BDMs/leaders from other states run training sessions for our team via video conferencing.