Leads from the sales department - how do you capture them all?

There is no doubt that Channel 1 leads (see Ben White’s book - Numbers Game) are a great source of growth for those agencies that have a Sales Team.

There is also no doubt that most offices do not maximize this channel of growth. Most referrals from the sales department are generally when a sale goes through to an investor and even then, not every lead is captured.

I know myself when I was working in sales, I was horrified to learn that the Salesperson next to me would refer her investor buyers to an outside agency because they paid her the “Let Fee” straight away, they didn’t wait until the property was leased before paying the referral. I am sure things like this happen all the time.

What about those investors who don’t buy through your agency, but do purchase an investment property? (Growth Channel 2) Do you have access to those leads?

I am interested to learn what measures you have in place to try to capture all possible leads.

Hi Terri,

I get so frustrated when I hear that BDM’s are not taking advantage of PM leads from their sales departments as these should be easy listings to secure.

We are a purely residential Property Management company and don’t have the luxury of having a sales team that can feed leads into us. However, we have teamed up with another agency who only do sales and don’t do Property Management and this is working quite well. The key to it in my experience is constant communication. I regularly speak to them on the phone and we catch up once a month to go through the referrals they send us. We don’t pay them a referral fee for the leads they send us instead we send them our sales leads. They are more concerned about having their clients looked after properly long term as they want to continue to sell properties in the future for their existing clients.

I am keen to hear other peoples systems.

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Hi @kimberley.yeeles

Sounds like you have a great relationship with this sales only agency. You are right, communication is key to success and I also find making it as simple as possible for the referring partner to send the lead your way.

Do you have a document that outlines the “rules” you have in place or is this a handshake agreement?

Whether it is your own sales team, or another agency you are dealing with, if you do not have a clear process in place, things can also easily get a bit off track.

If you were to develop a similar relationship with another agency, how would this look? Would they be willing to give you access to their database? What about all those investors who come through their open homes but do not purchase through them - how are you able to gain access to their details?

Just a couple of thoughts for you :wink:

Hi @terrihandy great topic an so much missed opportunity here. One thing most businesses do is wait for the sale team to pass a sold property onto the PM team. But wait. Why just the sold ones? Imagine the leads a new business could get if the sales team passes all leads. The new business team could build relationships with those people and if they buy through another business ‘Booom" they have them. Imagine though if they were an owner-occupier but they needed to rent their existing house “Booom” again. Channel two of Ben Book "Numbers Game’ is such an missed opportunity. If we systemised all leads comming into the sales business we have a tonne of rich buyers in the market.

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