Leasing in property management

I’m interested in hearing from those who have leasing managers and that don’t utilise Inspect Real Estate. Has anyone established their own in-house strategy for viewings, communications and confirmations?

Hi Michelle,

We have recently added a leasing agent into our agency for the first time and I am about to look at this very thing. We currently use Inspect RE I’m keen to utilise our own program for open inspections etc.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Regards Russ

Hey Russ,

We use a more direct and communicative approach - like the old school days LOL.

As we have someone dedicated to leasing, we have had a huge success as this being a point of difference for our business. We do rental viewings 7 days a week, every email is returned and every call is answered or returned. we arrange inspections and assist anyone who is interested in leasing.

we have a pretty good success rate and don’t see many people not turn up but of course this does happen. we don’t have any automated texts or replies etc and so far so good. it’s just old fashioned customer service and direct communications. Our feedback is awesome and is reflecting in testimonials and reviews (that we don’t ask for) and this benefits our owners and our tenants. our vacancy days are usually 60% better than the darwin average and we attribute that to our personal communications and flexible viewing times.

i was just wondering if there was anything in particular that others were implementing to assist with the productivity of the leasing manager. we have been lucky to have our LM for 15 years so loyalty and reliability is a proven track record our business is conf8ient with.

What else does your leasing manager do? do they do applications or is that passed to your PMs?

Cheerio, Michelle

Hi Michelle,

I still love old school, so you’ve won me straight away however I do sometimes come kicking and screaming into the real world. I think that making yourself available to anyone that wants to look over a property at whatever time, is a must. Some people are shift workers etc and can’t make the standard out of business hours inspections and so we need to accommodate them as well. I have even been known to ring a rival and see if there is anything available if I think we have come across someone who would make a really good tenant and we have nothing available.

We get our leasing agent to do all the leasing admin, including responding to emails, overdue lease renewals and QCAT hearings in conjunction with the PM of that property. Tenant applications, entry notices along with the booking of the inspections and advertising (these are shared with a VA). Entry Inspections, repairs and maintenance that come out of those entry inspections, bond lodgements in conjunction with our trust account manager, twice yearly rent reviews and of course actioning all owner instructions as needed.

They also conduct our new tenant inductions and organise photography if it’s needed. As a secondary task, they also back up the PMs where needed for all other PM activities.

Hope all that shed some light.