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I am Sharon Mitchell and I have been in the real estate industry for 30 years, from administration, sales, ownership/management and now management support for property management growth (and financials) at Weeks & Macklin. I love my job and don’t be fooled I am at the forefront for change!

I am fortunate to collaborate with a talented team and with an excellent director. Our culture is a ‘one team’ mindset and we continually bounce ideas off each other as we challenge the ‘norm’ of property management. Our commitment is service and the whole team can cross boundaries to ensure that the question can be answered without the client being told “that’s not my area I’ll have to get someone to call you back”.

Whilst communication, commitment, respect, trust, and empathy are key factors to succeed in the job of property management it is those same factors embodied by management that gives the support for the team to do their best work!

We are an enthusiastic and dedicated group of people who look forward to being part of the LPMA community as learning and sharing helps us all grow.


Welcome to the platform Sharon :slight_smile: All the best to You and your team - it sounds like a GREAT one!

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Welcome to LPMA Sharon. It really is a great community - looking forward to hearing more from you as the year progresses.

Sounds like you have a great team and culture - something we too strive for and its great to collaborate with likeminded people and leaders out there!

I can highly recommend getting your business involved in the BBP Programme - I believe there is also a webinar for this and a great article from Ashley at Wendells.

We’re based over in NZ so if for some reason you ever find yourself over these ways - sing out we’d love to have you visit our offices :slight_smile:


Thanks Cherie, and when I come over to NZ I would love to visit your office. The BBP programme is great and we are completing that at the moment and it certainly is confirming everything that we were thinking as to where the business is sitting in its development plus giving a solid plan for completing items that were not as strong as they could be. All the best.


Welcome Sharon :grinning:


The LPMA community is great place to bounce ideas around and has excellent learning opportunities for all levels of staff with a huge library of information and on demand webinars that assist in ensuring your business is current


Yes it sure is! Great ideas, and motivation. Especially for those that are smaller, don’t have franchise support, or remote locations (all like us!)

It is great motivation.

BBP is our next goal (that and a net score implementation, so that we can learn from our existing experiencess and perhaps improve any that might need it. I feel it is important to learn from all feedback so that we can retain not just attain their business.

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The BBP is a great tool and certainly motivates you to get the last items you have been neglecting to do on track.