Mental and Self Health Care

(Colleen Sutherland) #1

In my world of being in this industry for so long I have developed a passion for taking care of our mind and our own personal development. How to cope with stress and pressure that seems to be heaped upon us on a daily basis.

I have noticed a real lack of this type of topic within our industry and at the LPMA conferences. Is this something that you think should be included in our conferences and not just professional development.

(Adam Hooley) #2

I think this is a great topic to bounce around as a group @Colleen. There is definately very little happening in our industry in this space, especially for small business owners. I myself have suffered from ongoing stress. Not just the stress of meeting a deadline, which I thrive on, but the one that causes you to lose 10kg and withdraw socially from the world.

(Colleen Sutherland) #3

I think I found your 10kg and someone else’s due to stress. Damn female hormones.

There is a lot of talk of culture, flexible hours, toxic team members, snazzy offices and shitty bosses but there is very little on the individual and helping them to cope. When you do find the right person, personal development is just as important as professional development.

I think that is what I tried to bring across during my short stint as a public speaker (haha) at the LPMA Premier’s Day. Just how damn hard it is to juggle so many balls, wear so many hats and not be addicted to alcohol and swearing as a means of expressing frustration and disillusionment.

But it can’t just be about downward dogs and vegan diet either. It has to be realistic, doable and have a genuine intent behind it. Taking the energy out of the head and into the heart … maybe I’m getting too hippy here but it is the best way to describe it.

*drops mic

(Rikki Sambrooks) #4

There’s definitely a reason so many PM’s can relate to the drinking and swearing memes on FB @Colleen! And how annoying - the men talking about “losing” 10kg when our stories are always about GAINING 10kg! HA!

There is definitely a space for this and I guess it’s up to us to share our thoughts and ideas around what we do individually to cope - certainly with there still being so much stigma around mental health, no else is going to do it for us!

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with personal development and it’s something that got touched on briefly by @jodie.stainton in the portfolio vs task discussion… I think its very easy for a member of the team to be pigeon holed in a particular role because that’s where they started - but doing this day in day out, without having the opportunity to grow and explore other areas of the business will quickly wear anyone down.

I would love to see this element factored into our conferences and events - has anyone had any good experiences with this or seen anyone doing this really well?

(Colleen Sutherland) #5

I had previously suggested Libby Weaver as a speaker. She speaks beautifully and articulates personal health very well. Easy to listen to. No Rah-Rah that comes with her either.

(Rikki Sambrooks) #6

OK great, thanks @Colleen Sutherland - we’re currently in the process of putting together our speaker line up for 2019 - @Ashley Giles just bringing you in here as well so we can look into this

(Terri Handy) #7

Hi @Colleen, great topic to raise.

@rikki there is a business owner in Western Australia who has an internal programme for his team around mental health and provides access to a Counsellor/Psychologist and loads of support. He spoke with me briefly about this at an LPMA dinner and I was so impressed with how he has implemented this as part of their culture - very caring. You should look him up - Jarod :grinning:

(Colleen Sutherland) #8

We have that here too. Have done for quite a number of years. The staff appreciate it and I get better results and reduces hissy fits. Win/win I say.

(Terri Handy) #9

That is amazing Colleen. It’s a win for everyone but shows just how much you care. Well done!