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(Ashley Giles) #21

What is stopping you @Colleen?

(Colleen Sutherland) #22

Lack of grow. I just want to get rid of the ones that are not a good fit but if I do that my income goes down. I know … it will make time for new ones but I am also competing with super cheap agents here so it’d be a matter of cutting off my nose to spite my face

(Marine Funfrock) #23

what’s your positioning though?

I mean, when I look at how people buy stuff and how I do buy things and services, price is only good excuse to rationalise my decision. I buy because I align with the positioning of the company and I’m basically 100% certain that they are the one to give me the best service. The idea is if you know your ideal client avatar, know where they hang out, what their aspirations are and what are their objections, position your offer based on these guys, talk to them directly and cover all their objections beforehand.

you are putting your positioning down by competing with people that only have price to offer for their services.

Start positioning yourself while still handling all of your roll then when you have critical mass, allow them to go away.

Or, find a team member that has the same personality type as those guys, empower the person to run the relationship then you will only have that person to take care of instead of 10 annoying clients.

That’s my 2 cents

(Colleen Sutherland) #24

This is excellent.

(Sarah Martin) #25

@glenn this is fantastic! Do you mind sharing your the wording you use for the LLs on lower fees?

(Glenn Lehman) #26


What is LLs?

(Terri Handy) #27

Hi @glenn LL’s is an abbreviation for Landlords ie Owners or Investors

(Glenn Lehman) #28

I have learned another new term … (I was just getting used to letting:scream:)

I will make a video this week and share them forgot to comb my hair today so it will have to wait. :haircut_man:

(Sarah Martin) #29

Thank you, an example letter would be amazing, I have 2 LLs I need to fire.