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2021 was a year of getting a lot of structure in place and utilising the LPMA Breakthrough Business Program was pivotal in understanding our business, our profession and our forward journey.

Last night I listened to one of favourite podcasts - Coaching for Leaders and the topic was based on learning as opposed to understanding and how they are interconnected (topic 564)

This was timely after a catch up with our mystery shopper who went out into our market place to see what our competitors were offering vs what we think we offer

We also got ourselves mystery shopped and whilst we only got a “Pass” the learning and understanding that has come with it is enormous

In our market place - there is next to no rentals available - prices have probably risen 20% in the last six months as our mystery shopper reported - some people are in hotels until something becomes available.

Interestingly our mystery shopper - who has a 4bedroom house with a granny flat - was not asked for her address by any of our competitors - nor her contact details - and nobody has followed her us as they don’t have these details (and yes she building a new house and moving into it soon and will have to do something with the current house - hence why she was a perfect choice as a mystery shopper)

For the most part we think we are competing on price and management fee alone - discounting to the bottom when most people just want good service

And my team member who thought she had everything covered - has some goals for 2022

As a business - we certainly have learnt and understood what our goals are for 2022 in this arena.

It has been a valuable exercise that allows us to understand more of what is needed and what we have to do.

Thanks to LPMA for putting this in the Breakthrough Program


That is fantastic feedback! Just reading your post is insipring!

I wonder, how did you go about engaging a mystery shopper? We have tried mulitple times in the past - from inidividuals to actually engaging a company (a professional within a training business) that did not ever complete the task - despite a template of questions, a list of comptetitors, a script and address etc.

Perhaps we weren’t doing it right? I would love to hear how you were able to achieve a result in mystery shopping, if you dont mind sharing?


Hi @michelle1 there is an "on demand’ webinar in the LPMA foundry that walks you through how to set up a mystery ship program. Once you have done that just get someone you know to make the phone calls. No experience necessary.

Link here

Hi Michelle - we just knew a member of the public that was building a house that was a personal friend of a staff member - and she was deciding what to do with her current property. Ideal scenario to gather information on interviewing our competitors.

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Perfect! Got me thinking and I have approached someone similar to do this as well … Thanks again!

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