Onboarding your customers

Most of us are running a stringent tenant induction or signup program to ensure the tenant understands their rights and responsibilities before they take possession of a property. But if you ask the same businesses if they are onboarding their landlords, a majority of them would say no.

Running a short video, quick phone or live video call to welcome your new landlords into the business will lay the foundations for a successful relationship going forward. They have a need to understand both the next steps in your taking over their property and the long term approach to communication and maintenance.

Who are you doing to onboard your new landlords and lay the foundations of your relationship?

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@adam I love it when I sign up to a new piece of tech, and their full on-boarding process is triggered… I get reminded how we can defiantly do this better in Property Management!

This is such an important time for our clients, both tenant and owner but very few offices (inlcuding mine) have a formal process to make sure that cleints are inducted and walked through how their service will work. We are setting ourselves up for failure!

I would love to see what someone has come up with if you have mastered this space… Let us know!

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