Opening Up Our Client Portals

As business leaders, we are continuously exploring ways to both generate value for our clients and add transparency to the service we currently provide. Through proper systematisation and accountability programs for our teams, we are now more than ever, in a position to excel in this space. Many of our property management platforms have the ability to give both landlords and tenants full transparency into our business, however, sometimes we are reluctant to take that leap of faith to share these with our clients.

Who has had great success in opening up their client portals and I would also keen to know why some of us are still reluctant to do so. A great topic to share.

Its a great point @adam

I was talking with @michael’s team at Palace and the amount of value in these portals is amazing! Michael’s suggestion, (and its a good one) was for businesses not to send the statements at month-end, simply an email update saying “Your Statements, and invoices are now available in your Owner Portal here” and hyperlink the access point on your website.

It’s about educating the owners to use this access point, it means come tax time we don’t have to re-send everything they need out again, as they are trained to go to the source.

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I actually really like this approach @ashley.giles Once they log in they will see a whole new world in property management

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Another interesting take on this is what the team at Umanest are building…

As part of their platform, they give tenants their full rental history, inspection feedback, rental & water records, references and more as part of an “Online CV” which tenants can then use to apply for a new property with other agencies. So its a client platform they can always have with them… An interesting take!

I know also that one of our members in Wellington Tommy’s


Have built their own integrated owners portal which uses AI to answer short questions, as well as hosts all of the conversations between the landlord and the Property Manager.

So no shortage of people innovating in this space! I would say before you rush out and build your own, find out what your Trust Account can already do for your clients at no extra cost… It will surprise even the most seasoned principle!

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