Our Breakthrough Business Program

(Adam Hooley) #1

Hype in the LPMA community at the moment is the exclusive member access to our Breakthrough Business Program. The BBP assists a business in identifying and connecting with core business processes that will drive your chosen business goals. We then take these goals and build you a tailored made action plan to help drive business growth, performance and profitability.

Not sure where to start? BBP has you covered! We have done all the hard work for you.

There are four easy steps;

  1. Complete the short online survey where we identify all the capabilities in your business.
  2. We then prioritise these capabilities based on your business strategy and your self-assessment survey.
  3. We then build out your individual action plan to prioritise tasks and keep you focused.
  4. You work through your actions.

The key to our exclusive program is your individual cloud-based Trello board that offers a checklist of tasks as a prompt to finish each. You can allocate team members, make notes and even add documents to each. Your business will be performing like a pro in no time.

Here at the LPMA team, we are working with many businesses who are currently taking advantage of the great tool. It really does make business improvement and optimisation to grow and become more profitable so easy.

If you haven’t already, log into the member resources area to start your survey and get your action plan.

(Ashley Giles) #2

We have had a huge uptake on this program from our new USA members my only wish is that our members who have been with us for some time will see this as the great opportunity that it is.

Give it a try, you will be surprised!

(Phil Porteous) #3

We have used this program in house and found it to be a fantastic resource, it has provided a very practical platform from which all staff can engage. Get amongst it LPMAers a valuable planning tool for the year ahead.

(Adam Hooley) #4

Great work @phil Glad you have the whole team involved

(Glenn Lehman) #5

@adam so when I first signed up i think I did this within about 20 minutes. After completing it I did the following:

  1. Stated I was confused
  2. Waited to get Ben’s books
  3. Currently reading Connect the Dots
  4. Considering doing the test.

Would you recommend redoing the test, after I finish Ben’s :open_book:?

Is there a way to combine data from the 3 members of my leadership team?

(Adam Hooley) #6

Hi @glenn there is no need to do the test. The Trello Board also has your score. Each card has a score attached to it. So when you move these either into or out of the ‘Done’ column, your score update. Once you are more confident you can move them around. I can show you when you are ready.

There is no way to combine 3 different results to get an average, unfortunately.