Hi all,
I am investigating outsourcing. First of all looking at our trust accounting, Looking for advise suggestions on who to use and experiences people have had. Thanking you all in advance for your feedback


Hi @lyn.perks there are many different types of Virtual Assistants. They start at low-level data entry VA’s and go through to graduate full-time roles that can do many of your current property management duties. Here are some documents that give you an idea on what property management tasks they can do. These are in your LPMA foundry.
Real Estate & Property Management Outsourcing Planner.pdf (441.7 KB) Real Estate & Property Management Job Descriptions.pdf (267.1 KB)

Hi Lyn,

I’ve been using Billy Wark in the Phlippines for several years and very happy. He is an American living near Manila with a team.
Here is his email. Feel free to email him.

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Thanks for sharing @matt3

Morning @lyn.perks - happy to chat direct if you wanted to do a Q&A as to how, the benefits, but more importantly the pitfalls to look out for -

Can also suggest a few people that may be able to assist with the outsourced trust accounting, but rather than throw out names, would be best to chat about what you are trying to achieve - what PM software do you use?

I am running a workshop (in Melb) specifically about this on the 2nd of April - we have a number of LPMA members presenting also, either a standalone topic or part of a panel that we have put together - its going to be a warts & all session - if you are free - would be worth a trip over to Melb.

My session is - “7 Key Strategies to increase your profitability by becoming an Employer of Choice” - many of these strategies involve outsourcing

Look forward to chatting soon.


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