Performance Management Frameworks

I used to fumble through performance managing team members. I often found team members weren’t performing at their best and was really guessing as to why. It made it difficult to offer any sort of assistance to help them improve. I then made my own performance management framework that allowed me to quickly identify where my team was going wrong and up-skill them. In many cases I found that some of these team members were not trained properly in the first place. Through the simple use of the position descriptions and KPI’s, I found it easy to turn an under performing team member into a high performing team members.

What are other people doing to identify underperforming team members and help them up skill them into their roles?

I have attached a sample of my performance management assessment document. I call it ‘capability mapping’

Capability Mapping Form (Sample).pdf (46.4 KB)


This is cool @adam. Did you use this for the team to assess them selves as well? part of a 360 degree feedback session or similar?

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I don’t generally use the 360 feedback model. I know some people love it but I am a mechanical person so any framework that is based on peoples opinion doesn’t cut the grade with me.