Portfolio acquisition

I was hoping to reach out to someone who has some expertise in portfolio acquisition. We have put an expression on interest in and I would just love to bounce idea’s and chat about different ways of purchase.


Hi @lyn.perks I have purchased a couple in the past. There are varying ways to purchase but I would stick to the basics. Don’t buy the company, only buy the rent roll. Try to negotiate a high retention clause for a long period. 30% for 3 months is the normal but I’ve seen higher and for longer. You may have the upper hand to negotiate on this if they ‘need’ to sell. Also, you want full access to do your own due diligence on the rent roll before settlement.

I have attached a couple of checklists to help you out. They are both in the LPMA member resources.
Due Diligence Checklist
Aquisition Checklist

Thanks Adam, are you able to call me so that I can talk this through
I’m om my mobile 0488 682 828 thanks

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